Windows 7 End Of Life Final Date Extended Support

Finally this decision has been taken by Microsoft to end support of the windows 7. Which was launched by Microsoft in July 2009. Before it’s Windows vista was launched in November 2006. In the period of 3 years Windows Vista faced a lot of criticism. Due to this poor performance and non-compatibility with certain software led to its downfall. After this crisis Windows 7 came into existence.

This OS was considered a major transformation in the operating system due to its increased performance.Its intuitive user interface attracted users to its side. The Action Center interface was also launched with it to provide an overview of the system security and maintenance. The file-sharing Home Group feature and multi-touch support were also inhabited. You can understand popularity through the graph.

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Windows 7 end of life

After mainstream support 13 January 2015 now it will be the end of extended 14 January 2020. This will be effective on those users who have not downloaded the recent update. Now Microsoft has decided to windows 7 support end date so no more security patches will be provided leaving the operating system on its own. windows 7 end of life date doesn’t mean that the operating system will not work thereafter.

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Can i still use windows 7 after 2020

There will not be an effect on the working of the systems but it will have an effect on security. future after windows 7 end of life. Microsoft will not be liable for such security flaws and in case of any problems regarding the operating system, Microsoft will not be able to help you out.

Is windows 7 still safe to use

One of the most popular and beloved operating systems of all time ever since it was released about 10 years ago but now it is going to end on 14 January 2020. So there is a big question, is it safe to use still.

I think it does not make sense to use and am going to suggest to you all ‘NO’ my answer is No. Obviously in the very short term of 14th January of but after that it is going to be very risky and dangerous to your computer system. So at this point we are going to talk about why you should think about how to upgrade windows 7 to windows 10 as soon as you can.

windows 7 extended support

Even after Microsoft has ended the life of Windows 7, you can still get Extended security updates. This extended security is provided at a price. But this extended security is provided only to organizations and not to home users.

There is a good thing that no matter the size of your organization you are liable for extended security if you pay for its price. Microsoft won’t sell you these security updates directly or through any retail channel.

These security updates must be purchased through a qualified cloud solution provider. Microsoft does not publicize the security updates prices. The prices are not fixed for security updates, they will keep increasing each passing year. Now Microsoft is giving the new platform to windows.

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