How To Take Screenshot Windows 10 With Different Method

Most people, especially computer users, try to search how to take a screenshot on windows 10 and what are the shortcut keys for it. After reading all the methods here, you will get easy and precious ways that you can use in every moment when you want to apply it in your work duration to a screenshot.

As we know in the different formats of the windows it allows you to take a screenshot with the different methods but here will try to cover most of the style and tricks for all types of windows and you can pick which you want to use.

Windows logo+PrtSc

This is one of the simplest and most common ways for the windows 10 screenshot. At any moment when you want to capture any type of print screen windows then it allows you to do it within seconds and this is the biggest reason people usually use it every time.

For this simply, first of all, you have to press your windows logo and then PrtSc and it is done.

With PrtSc key

Basically, this is a single press screen capture and the reason behind it is this works only with the PrtSc key. For this trick you must press your PrtSc button whenever you want to print screen windows 10.

searching for paint tool in windows 10
Image: Searching for Paint Tool in Windows 10

After it press your windows button > type Paint in a windows search bar > click on paint application > now in paint app press control+V

Now save your screenshot which you have done now.

Screen capture with snipping tool

This is a tool which has been introduced by Microsoft in the many windows versions and still working properly. This allows you to screenshot windows with different methods. 

To use the snipping tool windows 10 you have to open your app. If you are unable to find it on your desktop then search it in the windows search bar. After clicking on the app a popup window. Just like- 

Image: Screenshot of the Snipping tool in Windows10  image picture
Image: Screenshot of the Snipping tool in Windows10

Now for the screenshot windows, you must click on the new option which is given on the right side of the toolbar. But in this screenshot app before taking the windows 10 screenshot you have to ensure which type of capture of your screen you want. For this, in the given Mode option you can choose different kinds of snip like-Rectangular snip,free-form snip,window snip and full screen snip.

snipping tool

screenshot windows 10 with snip & sketch

This is the next version of snipping tool and after open it we can easily interact with given options for the capture images. This is designed for making a good interface with the user because every tool is easy to understand. After open the app it shows the interface like.

snip and sketch option in the snipping tool in the windows10  pic
Image: snip and sketch option in the snipping tool in the Windows 10

As you can see the option New with blue color on the left side. After press it, you will be entered in the screen capture mode where it allows you to take your screenshot.

But beside it there is a simple and easy method which is screenshot windows 10 with the shortcut keys for this simple you have to press windows logo+shift+s. After press

snip & sketch shortcut
Image: simultaneously you can see.

After just choose of your require type screenshot it will be done quickly.

This is a new and most interesting tool of windows 10 which is introduced by Microsoft. Through this trick you have to press the shortcut key which is windows logo+G. After it a transparent interface will appear where you can see the option of capture and just click on the camera icon your screen capture windows 10 will be complete quickly. For the quick method you use also windows logo+Alt+PrtSc . This allows you to take directly with any mediate interface.

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