How to use OneDrive Online Storage Online Cloud Storage

OneDrive presented by the Microsoft is an online storage drive. It was first launched in August 2017. This is simply storage method work as the virtual storage space. The advantage of this is you do not need to install it in your system and all your files are available across the globe.

So, you can access them whenever wherever you need them. With access to your files, you can even edit documents, create and share files and folders. The access to one drive online is given free to anyone having a Microsoft account. One drive auto-syncs the setting across your different Windows devices.

OneDrive free online storage space

When you create a Microsoft account you are automatically given access to one drive online. In your onedrive free account initially, you are provided with 5 GB of free storage. To start saving files on one drive, 5 GB is a lot of space and once you get habitual and need more space, you can get it by browsing the plans for storage.

Initially you can use the 5 GB storage space. You can even increase this free storage by subscribing to Microsoft’s Office 365. After subscription it will be increase 5 GB to 1 TB.  By these steps you can increase quickly.

OneDrive features

One drive is a blessing for data storing. It gives free storage space up to 5 GB. For a person to start saving files on the cloud it is a pretty good start. If your system gets crash in some circumstances even then you need not worry, because everything is safe up on the cloud.

You can access your one drive from any desktop, browser or mobile device. It is even available on both Android and iOS. When it comes to sharing files one drive is your answer.

  • You can share files as well as can set permissions over the file about who can edit, or who can see the content.
  • You can even make the sharing link expire after a set amount of time. After the expiry date, no one with the link will be able to use it.
  • You can upload multimedia type files in your OneDrive.
  • OneDrive provide you personal vault.

If you are using one Microsoft account across different systems it not only syncs the data but also syncs the settings across the systems. It can act as an excellent backup solution. It is cheaper compared to many cloud storage providers and is available across all platforms. One drive has made data storing much easier.

How to use OneDrive

If we try to search about how works OneDrive then basically we find the two simple ways which are:

  • OneDrive auto sync
  • OneDrive Online

In OneDrive auto sync user can set permission for the auto save for the files and folders. Here we can look step by step complete process about the use auto sync of OneDrive.

  • Just look down left corner of the computer screen where you can look icon of OneDrive.
  • After click the icon it automatically start the works for the save of your documents.After complete it show the notification also.

But some time it don’t appear same. Then you have to take some quick steps for the trigger your OneDrive Icon

Go to start button> Just write-down onedrive in a search bar> Click on the appear One drive app folder

onedrive app folder

After click on the OneDrive app folder it starts the works. But in most of time after sign in with your Microsoft windows it automatically starts the work for save the files and folder in the OneDrive folder. But some user do’t want this kind of the processing. Then for this you can set the permission in your OneDrive app setting.

Click on Onedrive icon> click on more> setting

onedrive setting image for one drive online

where you can check and unchecked permission according to your need.

For OneDrive online you just go with your browser and type in your search bar. Then after appear the result you have a option for the sign in or signup with your online onedrive cloud storage.

After sign this tool provide you many options with a folder like the share, download, delete, move, copy, create a new folder and many more which are very useful for the users.

OneDrive For the Business

Most of the time users get confusion between the OneDrive and OneDrive for the business. But basically there is no big difference between the both of Microsoft tools. If the user using an account and provided by the company then it will be a OneDrive for the business.

OneDrive pricing

After use the free plan if we look for the price then Microsoft divided OneDrive plans into three parts, that come with the different services and features. Basically OneDrive 100GB,Office 365 personal, and Office 365 Home are three plans. Look different price for the every plan.

OneDrive 100GB

Storage– 100 GB

Price– 1.99$ / month

Features-This plan have core features

Office 365 personal

Storage– 1000 GB

Price– 6.99$ / month

Feature– It comes with the advanced, productivity tools and with core features

Office 365 Home

Storage– 6 TB

Price– 9.99$ / month.

Features– It comes with advance,productivity and with core feature.

Office 365 personal and office 365 home come with the special feature by which we can use our could storage on the multiple PC’s mobile, tablet and also on iOS. While Office 365 home give the authority to use the 1000 GB each user from 6TB.

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